Annual Report 2016-2019 (Quadrennial – Portuguese only)

LETTER FROM THE BOARD CHAIRMAN (2018-2019), EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (2019) AND FOUNDING MEMBER (1997) In the last quadrennium, PROMUNDO has gone through its greatest challenge since its foundation in 1997. With a growing increase in the deficit accumulated throughout its history, the Institute needed to reinvent itself. I am very happy to have had the opportunity…
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Promoting Respect for Diversity in Companies Booklet (Portuguese only)

In recent years, the theme of diversity has been a constant topic of discussion in the corporate world, both nationally and internationally, has been the subject of recommendations, pacts, commitments and other documents directed to companies and governments, but there is still much to be done to consolidate a corporate practice of respect for all….
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Education and Sport Guide for Equality (Portuguese only)

This guide is the result of a work developed by Instituto Promundo, since 2013, in which we apply a methodology that uses sport as a strategic tool to reach children, adolescents, young people and adults. As a result, they are involved in actions to promote gender equality, health promotion and violence prevention. In this way,…
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State of Fatherhood in Brazil 2019: Time to Act

Daniel Costa Lima, Milena do Carmo Cunha dos Santos

State of Fatherhood in Brazil 2019: Time to Act is the second report of its kind in the country, which is part of the State of World Fatherhood initiative, led by the MenCare Global Fatherhood Campaign. The second Brazilian report is intended to update the first report on the State of Fatherhood in Brazil, released…
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From Communities at Risk to Communities with Potential

Promundo, CIESPI

Esta publicação descreve o projeto Reforçando os apoios familiares e comunitários  para Crianças e Adolescentes (Bases de Apoio Project), que foi implementado em três commmunities de baixa renda no Rio de Janeiro.

Annual Report 2003


In 2003, Promundo passed through a period of growth and restructuring. The accelerated growth of the institution in terms of projects, staff, and budget increased the volume of work and the complexity of the administrative and management needs. Further support was given to coordinators in technical areas (youth, gender and health, and families and communities.)…
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Children, Adolescents and their Support Systems

Irene Nizzini, Gary Barker

This is a collection of debates, held during the international seminar Studying and Strengthening Community Support for Families, Children and Youth – National and International Perspectives, in Rio de Janeiro, in September 2001. About 100 people from different parts of Brazil and over 13 countries gathered to exchange experiences and reflections on the need to…
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State of Fatherhood in Brazil

Promundo-Brasil, MenCare, Você é meu Pai

This report seeks to present the paternity situation in Brazil in different areas, such as Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health, Men’s Health, Violence against Women and Children, World of Work, Public Policies, Civil Society Initiatives, relationship between economics and fatherhood and homoparenthood. It also seeks to map the efforts and actors that…
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Annual Report 2015


In 2015 we began a three-year initiative to work with partners, including UN Women, in conducting the International Survey on Men and Gender Equity – IMAGES in four countries in the Middle East, promoting a deeper understanding of the relationship between men and equity of gender in the region. Along with the MenCare campaign, which…
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Practicing Sports, Winning in Life: Sharing knowledge and practices to prevent violence against children and adolescents

Danielle Araújo, Danielle Lopes, Daniel Duque

The purpose of this report is to present an overview of the project, activities, challenges and the results of the impact assessment of the Practicing Sport, Winning in Life project, which sought to prevent violence and debate issues related to the theme of gender equity with children and adolescents, through complementary sports activities, educational workshops…
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