BOOKLET TO STRENGTHEN RESPONSIBLE AND PARTICIPATORY PATERNITIES Based on the Early Childhood Program in the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS) / Happy Child Program (PCF).

Promundo, Secretaria De Desenvolvimento Social, Criança E Juventude (SDSCJ), Secretaria Executiva De Assistência Social (SEASS) Do Estado De Pernambuco, Secretaria De Desenvolvimento Social, Direitos Humanos, Juventude E Política Sobre Drogas (SDSDHJPD), Secretaria Executiva De Assistência Social (SEAS) Da Prefeitura Da Cidade Do Recife, Centro De Desenvolvimento E Cidadania (CDC)

The protection and promotion of the integral development of children and adolescents, even in the first six (06) years of life, is part of a historical and social construction at the international level, which in Brazil has occupied an important and necessary social, political and legal agenda with repercussions that require systemic actions and integrated…
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Extended Paternity Leave – strengthening investment in more equitable policies between men and women in Brazilian companies


We at Promundo have always been concerned about the importance of paternal participation in the lives of their children. In the search for a more egalitarian world and for the end of a society guided by machismo, we try to contribute to the emergence of a generation of father figures who are more concerned and…
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Program P – Manual for the exercise of fatherhood and care.


The issue of fatherhood has been addressed by Promundo since its foundation, as its mission is to promote gender equality and reduce violence against women, boys, girls and people of other gender identities. The path chosen to promote social change has been the involvement of men and boys and, in that sense, working to prevent…
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Program M

Program M focuses on equitable gender roles, empowerment of young women, interpersonal relationships, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. It’s methodology encourages critical reflection among young women about rigid gender norms and combines educational workshops with youth-led community campaigns that work to promote gender-equitable attitudes among young women and improve their agency in interpersonal…
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Program P Online Manual

In March 2020 Brazil was affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic. Since the end of 2019 other countries were being affected by COVID 19, with very frightening numbers of victims, including people who died. As much as there was empathy and solidarity on our part in relation to those who were experiencing this great evil…
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Designing Futures: From Information to Action

“I plan my future now. I will not just wait for tomorrow. Now is now ”, (CE Maria de Nazareth high school student and project participant)   In Brazil, 11 million young people, almost a quarter of the population between 15 and 29 years of age, do not study or work. This phenomenon of young…
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Program J

Program J (J as in Jovem in Portuguese) was developed within the scope of the Youth for the End of Violence Project. This pilot project ended its 3-year cycle in December 2017 and was financed by the United Nations Trust Fund to Support Actions to Eliminate Violence Against Women, (UNTF). The project aims to build…
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Annual Report 2016-2019 (Quadrennial – Portuguese only)

LETTER FROM THE BOARD CHAIRMAN (2018-2019), EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (2019) AND FOUNDING MEMBER (1997) In the last quadrennium, PROMUNDO has gone through its greatest challenge since its foundation in 1997. With a growing increase in the deficit accumulated throughout its history, the Institute needed to reinvent itself. I am very happy to have had the opportunity…
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Facing Racism and Gender Inequalities – Methodology Guide

Maria Corrêa e Castro, Ana Nery Correia Lima, Raquel Rodrigues de Oliveira, Luciano Ramos, Luiza Tanuri

Aiming to create spaces for reflections about our daily actions, on who we are and where we come from, the methodology guide: “Facing Racism and Gender Inequalities” has as it’s main function to build affirmative and true images of the black population of Brazil and their historical and continuous contributions to the formation of Brazilian…
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Promoting Respect for Diversity in Companies Booklet (Portuguese only)

In recent years, the theme of diversity has been a constant topic of discussion in the corporate world, both nationally and internationally, has been the subject of recommendations, pacts, commitments and other documents directed to companies and governments, but there is still much to be done to consolidate a corporate practice of respect for all….
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