Program F


Project F trains and educates football (soccer) coaches for work with youth, using the language of football and sports to promote conversation and critical reflection among young men and women on topics related to gender equality and positive health behaviors.

Project F (named for football, or soccer) uses football, along with other sports and recreational activities, as a tool to promote gender equality and sexual and reproductive health, specifically the prevention of HIV/AIDS, among young people. The initiative was developed collaboration with Grassroot Soccer.

Through Project F, Promundo has trained football coaches and physical education teachers on how to facilitate interactive activities, which utilize the language of football to promote conversations and reflection on topics related to gender equality with youth ages 11-17. Each coach uses the methodology co-developed by Promundo and Grassroot Soccer and receives financial aid and technical support from Promundo to develop activities and adapt them for their groups.

Results from a UN Trust Fund and Promundo study on using football to reach men to prevent gender-based violence showed that there was a significant decrease in the percentage of men who agreed that intimate partner violence was acceptable after participation in the initiative’s educational workshops, football tournaments, and related community-campaigns. There were also positive improvements in other attitudes, including a significant self-reported increase in conversations about gender equality and violence against women.

Related Programs

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