Program P

The Program Manual P provides strategies and activities to engage men in parenting and care, involving them from pregnancy to their children’s early childhood years.


Practical activities and dramatizations with parents and couples allow creating a safe environment for questioning gender norms and for enabling new and positive social behaviors related to the care and involvement of men in their children’s prenatal and early childhood. In addition to offering group awareness workshops, Program P trains professionals in the health sector, supports and mobilizes community, local and national awareness campaigns.

Developed in partnership with the organizations Puntos de Encuentro, in Nicaragua, CulturaSalud, in Chile, and the Ministry of Health of Brazil, Program P (P of father, in Portuguese and priest, in Spanish), aims to respond to the demand for strategies concrete involvement of men in fatherhood and care from pregnancy to early childhood. With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Program P has been adapted in Brazil, Indonesia, Rwanda and South Africa in urban and rural contexts, under the MenCare + program (+ Pai, in Brazil). MenCare +, a collaboration between Promundo and Rutgers WPF, is a multi-dimensional program that works at the individual, community and political levels to involve men and women as partners in maternal, newborn and child health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and prevention of violence.

When addressing men, mainly through the health sector, Program P involves parents, partners or partners at a critical moment in their lives – usually during pregnancy – when they are receptive to the adoption of new care behaviors.

Specifically, the Program P manual contains: (1) research on the importance of involving men as caregivers in promoting maternal health and gender equity; (2) a guide for health professionals on how to involve men in prenatal consultations and in health facilities; (3) a set of interactive modules with group awareness activities, aimed at men and perfectly adaptable for use with couples; (4) a step-by-step guide to develop and launch a community campaign on parenting and care.

Working with men as parents is an important entry point to discuss sensitive issues about traditional gender norms and their negative impacts on communities. Through guides, dramatizations and practical activities (such as learning how to change diapers), men and women are encouraged to discuss and challenge unequal gender norms and to adopt more positive behaviors in their families and communities.

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