LAUNCH OF THE BOOKLET: STRENGTHENING RESPONSIBLE AND PARTICIPATORY FATHERHOOD Based on the Early Childhood Program in the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS) / Happy Child Program (Programa Criança Feliz).

It is with great pleasure and motivation that Instituto Promundo and partners present the booklet “Strengthening Responsible Participatory Fatherhood through the Early Childhood Program in the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS) / Happy Child Program (Programa Criança Feliz)”. The publication is a result of the dialogues and reflections that took place in the International Webinar All for Early Childhood, systematized in the report. The Booklet is structured in five parts.

The first seeks to respond to concerns about Comprehensive Protection for Early Childhood: What do we know, recognize and what should we promote and guarantee? In the second, the focus is on Paternity and the Early Childhood Program at SUAS / PCF: Contributions and potential. The third part is dedicated to bringing contributions regarding fatherhood, masculinity and participatory responsibilities. The fourth part brings a set of suggestions for support materials for strengthening responsible and participatory fatherhood in early childhood. They are tips from booklets, guides, publications, films, videos, YouTube channels, Podcast and references that will certainly subsidize better insights into the protection and promotion of integral development in early childhood. At the end, the fifth part presents a glossary with concepts and terms to support the reading of the material.

The partner institutions reaffirm that the main objective of the Booklet is to be a political and pedagogical instrument that contributes to enhancing the attention and care of fathers in the care of children in early childhood, notably, based on the performance of the teams that work in PNAS, which is a public policy that is premised on the centrality of families, territories and brings in its genesis a wide range of possibilities for interfaces with other public policies.

Instituto Promundo,

Centro de Desenvolvimento e Cidadania (CDC)

Pacto Nacional pela Primeira Infância/Conselho N acional de Jus t iça (C N J)

Secretar ia de Desenvolvimento Social, Criança e Juventude de Pernambuco (S D SCJ),

Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Social, Direitos Humanos, Juventude e Políticas sobre Drogas da

Prefeitura da Cidade do Recife (S D S D H JPD)

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