Promundo´s activities during the pandemic

Promundo , during the pandemic, continues with its mission of promoting gender equity and preventing gender-based violence to the most vulnerable populations. Understanding the importance of the continuity of our actions, within the scope of the Youth Projects for the End of Violence (JPFV) and An Island of Paternities, our team promoted an adaptation of our methodologies, through social media, to continue dialoguing with the families involved in our projects in a creative and dynamic way.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, families participating in the JPFV project receive weekly remote sports and educational activities. As for the men of the Uma Ilha de Paternidades Project (Island of Paternities), they receive activities that encourage care and effective participation in domestic activities.

The activities, which are sent via WhatsApp, can be carried out domestically and remotely, respecting social isolation and counting on accessible materials, in order to promote the strengthening of family bonds. In addition to the continuity of our educational and sports activities, the psychosocial team continues to support families in relation to the most sensitive situations, such as domestic violence and other issues related to violence against children and adolescents, promoting coordination with local service networks and receiving calls online and remotely.

The Coronavirus pandemic not only has repercussions in the health sector, but it also generates economic and social impacts. Understanding the reality of the families participating in our activities, Promundo carried-out, in partnership with other entities, the delivery of food baskets, soaps, alcohol gel and masks to 116 families in Morro dos Prazeres and Morro do Guararapes, Rio de Janeiro. It also distributed over 70 baskets to vulnerable and traditional populations of the Amazon (known as “ribeirinhos” – families living in the boarders of the Amazon river) in the state of Amapá.

We also continue to follow World Health Organization (WHO) sanitary guidelines and other health agencies in preventing the new coronavirus from spreading in the most vulnerable communities. According to the specialized scientific community, social isolation is the most effective meassure to reduce the spread of the disease, as well as mass contamination. Therefore, all of our meetings and all activities have been carried out remotely, through weekly virtual meetings and instant messaging. This is an attempt to reconcile the progress of our projects and the emergency actions that need to be taken aimed at the safety of communities and our workplace environment.

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