24 Years of Promundo

 This week we celebrate Promundo’s anniversary
The week starts with Promundo’s anniversary. Promundo is yet another civil society organization that was born in the 1990s, a period of latent democracy in Brazilian society, which required the active participation of organized civil society. Promundo was born with a mission to reframe masculinities in order to transform boys and men into allies for gender equality, and thus, create a world free from gender-based violence. This is Promundo’s mission and will continue to be so.

Over these two decades, Promundo has accumulated relevant contributions to the Brazilian and global context. Thousands of professionals were trained in Promundo’s methodologies, Programs H (for men), M (for women) and P (for paternity) – all created, tested, evaluated and endorsed in the first decade of the year 2000. In the second decade of the organization’s operations, other programs were created and anchored in the concepts of these methodologies.

Throughout its existence, Promundo works together with other institutional partners, understanding that it is necessary to continue acting in a network, with a view to moving forward with actions and projects reaching the populations that need institutional methodological interventions. The work developed with other partners is also characterized by the complementarity of the methodology. Recognizing the strengths of partners has always been an important element of Promundo.

The organization has revised itself in recent years. The creation of Program P online; the review and update of Program M; the strengthening of Program J; the elaboration and launch of the Report on the Status of Black Paternity in Brazil; the strengthening of the theme of Fatherhood in the national Public Policy agenda; in addition to other news that will be revealed in the coming months, they point out that Promundo is preparing for the 25 years and the next decades to come!
This is not the time to celebrate! It is time to look at history, strengthen and continue in the fight for Human Rights.

Promundo is very grateful to everyone who has gone through the organization, giving their contributions and inviting everyone who wants to contribute to come closer, as our cause is very current and necessary.

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